the team...

a group of people who come together to acheive a common goal.  

We are no different than you.  We are career oriented and family focused with an overwhelming desire to "fit" fitness in.  In respecting the struggle, we understand time is a commodity, determination is a force, but passion is the fuel!  

Keep it Real!

janna [the visionary]

Janna a.k.a. the visionary

a dreamer with a competitive heart and a creative spirit.  Before discovering her love for fitness she skiied competitively until she met a guy...well, that guy...Ahem, the rest is history.  

She obtained her Certificate in Health and Fitness from SFU, is a certified ACSM Personal Trainer, a certified ViPR Coach and teaches Group Power, Group Active, Group Centergy and R30.  Her favorite way to [move] outside the studio is on snow, on the water or on the volleyball court as long as her family is in tow.

dean [the rock]

Dean a.k.a. the rock

solid in his foundation, Dean eats, sleeps and breathes fitness.  He began his fitness journey in 1997 as a Personal Trainer.  In 2002 he took on a gym management role where he later stumbled upon group fitness and there was no looking back.  He is a certified ViPR Coach, teaches Group Ride, R30, Group Power, Group Core and Group Fight. Inspiring others to [move] is natural for Dean and he takes pride in bringing out the best in everyone around him.  Outside the studio he is a family man, a real estate agent and enjoys any sport, any time.

jason [the machine]

Douglass a.k.a. the dougie


Swag, swagger.  Dougie is full of personality and loves to laugh.  She lives life to the fullest and brings her work hard, play hard attitude to everything she does, including her fitness classes. When training with Dougie you will find honest talk, hard work, laughter, and raw emotion. She loves a good beat and big movement. She brings 14 years of industry experience, but the constant has always been a group dynamic.  She is a certified ViPR Coach and certified in Group Ride, Group Fight, and Group Power. Dougie’s favorite way to [move] outside the studio is anywhere with people, good music, or good conversation. When not livin life in the fast lane you can find Dougie surrounded by her family and friends, cracking or laughing at inappropriate jokes, sipping red wine and eating good food.

Adam a.k.a. the enthusiast

As someone that grew up playing sports, Adam has always lived an active lifestyle.  Before 2013 Adam had never been to a gym, but after a ‘little’ pressure from his wife he decided to give The Movement a go… since then he’s never looked back.  Adam instantly felt at home and after a few short years decided to pursue the chance to become a group fitness instructor.  He is now certified in Group Power, Group Ride, R30 and Group Core.  His love for the MOSSA programs is evident in the enthusiasm he brings to the stage, never one to shy away from an opportunity to dance on stage, Adam is an entertainer through and through.  In his free time Adam enjoys running Spartan races, mountain biking and sampling micro brews with friends.

Tracey a.k.a. the achiever

As someone who is always looking for a new challenge, Tracey began the journey to becoming a group fitness instructor in 2016.  After discovering The Movement and falling in love with MOSSA programming she set her sights on becoming a member of the team, with the hopes of inspiring people the way The Movement had inspired her.  Tracey is now a certified ACSM Personal Trainer and teaches Group Power, Group Ride, R30 and Group Active.  Outside of the gym Tracey considers herself a ‘professional’ student, she graduated in 2015 with a BSc. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and is currently working towards her BSc. in Nursing.  In her ‘down’ time Tracey loves to find new activities to conquer, from riding her motorcycle to competing Spartan races, if it sounds like there is an adventure involved, you can count Tracey in!

Andrew a.k.a. the fierce


Driven by an all-or-nothing mentality, Andrew lives to discover and destroy limits, both his own and those of everyone around him.  Never one to hold back or go half way, he gives 100% in every class and encourages others to do the same!  

A newcomer to the world of fitness training, Andrew joined The Movement in 2016 and immediately realized he wanted to be a part of this very special community.  So when the opportunity arose to become certified in Group Ride and R30, he did what he always does:  Took a deep breath, and jumped.  Outside the studio, Andrew is an avid mountain biker who loves pushing his limits on the trail just as much as he does in the gym.  He is blessed to be a husband and father, and his daughter and wife are his biggest motivation to [move] forward.

Mary aka The Inspiration

A healthy, vibrant woman who inspires everyone around her. Mary is a straight up, honest and beautiful person on the inside and the outside.

As someone who has always exercised and taken great care of herself, Mary joined the Movement as a member who was looking for a new gym close to home. Soon after, her husband Bob followed and they have been loyal members ever since.

Her desire to [move] well and age gracefully led her (with a big push from fellow instructors) to take Group Active Training in April 2017. It is a perfect fit! She is up for the mental and physical challenge that comes with instructing.

Mary hits the stage and takes charge. She is inspiring, strong and a born leader.


Kim aka The...

sam profile pic.png

Samantha aka The...Spirit

"Sam" is full of spirit and has an insatiable need for power, speed and adrenaline.  This boy mom of 3 can be found spending time outdoors, at the lake she grew up on snowmobiliing and going on adventures.  When not there she is easy to spot on the soccer fields or at the hockey arena where she spends much of her time watching her boys play hockey.

Sam's love for Power began many years ago in 2010 when she was invited to join a class as a participant but she didn't stop there!  After testing the waters she fell in love with all the MOSSA classes but Power was her calling.

In 2016 the opportunity presented to take the Group Power training at none other than The Movement studio, right here in our hometown.  

She is truly inspired and grateful everyday to be a part of such a fun loving, supportive community of movers that push each other in ways we didn't think were possible.

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

chelsea [the ]