We invite you to join THE MOVEMENT, where your only commitment is to yourself.  There are no crazy contracts and no upfront fees.  You have a variety of options for purchase in our online store. Train in studio or from the comfort of your home. 

Online Signup
We require online signup for all classes to ensure your place as space is limited.  Registration opens 1 day prior to class for In Studio.  Please respect physical distancing protocols of 2m distance between yourself and others both inside and outside the studio.  Instructions for traffic flow will be posted inside.  Be prepared to answer the pre-screening questions prior to entry into the studio.  If you check either of the boxes you will not be permitted to enter;

   Do you have any of the following symptoms: coughing, sneezing, fever, sore
      throat or difficulty breathing?
   Are you, or anyone you’re living with, either sick, self-isolating, or quarantined?


If you are attending In Studio you must arrive geared up for your workout with a full waterbottle in hand.  Please only bring in what you need to train ie indoor shoes and a personal mat that must leave with you upon exiting. The training stations will be prepared prior to class, once you enter proceed to a station and remain there until the class commences.  Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be placed at each station.  No one will be permitted into class after the start time. 

Links to Virtual classes will be emailed to the recipient booked into the class.  These links are unique to the user/household and are not to be shared.  Sharing of links will result in termination of your virtual pass.  All virtual classes are hosted on the Zoom platform.  Simply follow the free download instructions and allow yourself plenty of time to tweak your settings prior to class.

Wait List

If a Studio class if full, you can register on the wait list to ensure your priority in the queue.  You will be automatically placed into class if another client is unable to attend.  You will be notified via email or mobile text UP TO 90 MINUTES PRIOR to the start of class (in order to receive notifications you need to be “opted into email” as well as mobile phone “activated” in your profile with your mobile provider).   

Please understand that when you are using the wait list the onus will be on you to monitor your status so please ensure you have your notification options activated.  You must also be prepared to check your status before a 6am class if you haven’t received notification in a timely manner.


Class cancellation Policy
Class cancellation for Studio classes is required a minimum 90 MINUTES prior to start time.  Cancellations made outside of these windows or any class no shows will automatically be deducted from your pass.  We will hold reservations until the class begins.


No refunds for cancellation of any pre-registered programs unless cancelled 48hrs before the start date of the program.  If an injury is incurred during the program, a pro-rated refund will be issued.  If the program is cancelled due to low participation a full refund will be provided.

the fine print...

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