The Movement's signature HIIT program "The MAX" is based on the science of High Intensity Interval Training and its resulting EPOC (after burn) effect which will optimize your workout time investment.


During this 60 min experience you will be under the direction of a Certified Trainer while you train cardio and whole body strength through a series of intervals designed to take you to "The MAX".

By design the sessions follow pre-determined work to rest intervals.  Each session will include cardiovascular components on state of the art Water Rowers as well as sprints or bouts of plyometric exercises.  Balanced, full body strength exercises using equipment such as TRX, Barbells, Dumbbells, BOSU or body weight will also be incorporated into this dynamic training experience.  


On average participants burn 500-1000 calories in each session, not including the fuel burned during the EPOC phase.  


What are the benefits of HIIT training?


  • Significantly increased Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness for improved performance


  • Fat Loss (both intra abdominal and subcutaneous ie under the skin), while maintaining muscle mass


  • Decreased fasting insulin and increased insulin sensitivity


  • Improved Blood Pressure


  • Improved Cholesterol profiles


  • Overall improved Cardiovascular Health


Is H.I.I.T training for me?


As you may have guessed High Intensity exercise is Very Challenging.  With any form of exercise you will want to check with your doctor before adding this to your exercise regime.  It is also recommended to have a base level of fitness established (exercising 3-5xweek for min 4-6 weeks) before beginning HIIT.

How often should I do it?

HIIT sessions are more exhaustive than steady state endurance workouts.  Allow for adequate recovery between sessions and consider only 1-2 sessions per week.

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This small group training session ranges between 45 and 60 min, is outcome based and is capped at 12 participants.


No excuses!  Small Group X-training employs the multidisciplinary approach of combining strength and cardio for improved conditioning and performance.  High intensity, full body, functional training that will incorporate the Pillars of Human Movement (Push, Pull, Level changes, Rotation and Locomotion) while using Olympic bars, Med balls, Sleds, Battle ropes and more.  

This small group training session is 30min, is outcome based and is capped at 8 participants.