"never too late to start, always too soon to stop" - Dr Walter Bortz II

Did you know that only 2 out of 10 adults get the recommended amount of physical activity? And, did you also know that physical inactivity is one cause of 35 chronic non-communicable diseases?


Well, we are in fact MEANT 2 MOVE. The problem is we may not have the confidence, the know how or quite frankly it can be just plain difficult to move.


Not sure where to start...?  Let our revolutionary program MOVE30 get you "exercise ready"! In only 30 min, 2xweek for 60 days, you will gain your movement confidence and ease your transition into a healthier, more active lifestyle.  Move at your own pace as we re-invigorate our bodies natural movement patterns in a safe, supported and social atmosphere. 

We ask you...

  • Are you looking to improve overall health and practice movements that are essential to daily life?

  • Are you looking to start an exercise routine and build movement confidence?

  • Do you want to exercise but are turned off by some of the "high intensity" programs out there?

  • Are you concerned about back pain, joint health, or other physical issues?  MOVE30 teaches healthy movement habits for life and can help provide relief for these common ailments.

  • Do you want to "Grow Younger" and improve movement quality throughout your life?

  • Are you an experienced exerciser that is looking to balance out a more rigorous routine with a program that helps to recondition the body and make you a better mover?

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