#livetomove is specifically designed to get more people moving through providing participants with a unique physical, social and educational experience over a six week duration.

During the six weeks you will be introduced to the wellness philosophy and Movement programming so that you gain the confidence and build knowledge to join the regularly scheduled group fitness session.

For so many of us getting, and staying, “moving” is hard. Time. Kids. Work. Travel. Life. But, like many people, there is also the anxiety of a gym, uncertainty of the classes and a pervasive fear that I “won’t get it”, "I will look silly", or "I am not fit enough".  


Well, that’s exactly what this program is all about…building the bridge for more activity and less physical & mental barriers.

The criteria for #livetomove is designed for current non-exercisers so don’t worry if you are out of shape, have never been on a spin bike before, held a free weight or successfully executed a squat.  The goal is to have some fun, learn some new things and try something new not to mention have a workout that feels like it is geared for those with less "experience" in the fitness world.

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"Physically I thought I would not be able to participate. In the regular classes I now feel confident to enough to modify a move to my comfort level without feeling like everyone was thinking I was doing it wrong."

"I was certain the movement wasn't for me. But what I have discovered is it is."

"It was a very positive experience!"

   "It became a group of people that I feel comfortable with and people that "I know" when I go to class."

"I have fallen in love with activity again. The classes are fun, and all the instructors have been super welcoming and positive. The gym is nothing like I had thought. Being a bigger gal going to a gym is alway intimating, going to one where everyone is super fit it seems it's terrifying, Breaking down the classes, and modifications in a small group has given me the confidence to join regular classes. I think the live to move program is a great way to introduce people to the movement. It's takes away the fear factor. I think to reach a new demographic of people the live to move program is brilliant. Honestly I have been so excited about the movement and the classes, I can't stop talking about it."

   "I think this is a great way to be introduced to the environment in a safe way and with people who are at the same level."