Movement (moovmuhnt) - noun:  1.  The act, process or result of moving.  2.  A particular manner or style of moving.  3.  Actions or activities, as of a person or group of persons.  We are THE MOVEMENT, your group fitness mecca.  We are a team of dedicated and passionate professionals that believe fitness and active living are a way of life.  We also believe that in society we all have a social responsibility to become more active and lead health sustainable lifestyles.  

All too often our perceived roadblocks derail our overly ambitious goals which again and again cause our fitness to take the back seat.  It is important to not just focus on the end result but to embrace and enjoy the movement, as such the journey of active living.  We don't want to provide you with the monotony of using expensive cardio equipment and bulky weight machines and trust the DIY method proves effective.  It is our mission at THE MOVEMENT to not just help you but to personally connect with you and inspire you to get moving and keep moving through positive and rewarding experiences.

We are your group fitness mecca.  Prince George's Premiere Boutique Fitness Studio.  A place that attracts many and is the centre of a fitness culture.  We believe there is power in numbers.  Together with the finest group programming the industry has to offer, our group dynamic philosophy will satisfy your social instinct and capture your emotional attachment for exercise.  Join THE MOVEMENT "It'll move you!!"

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