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The Canadian 24 Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth encourage Children and Youth to "Sweat, Step, Sleep and Sit" for optimal health benefits.  Children and Youth (aged 5-17) should achieve high levels of activity, low levels of sedentary behavior and sufficient sleep each day.

Active Kids in Training is designed to get more kids moving in a fun, safe, social and motivating environment.  The ultimate goal is to get kids to embrace the idea of being ACTIVE FOR LIFE!  Check out these resources from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.


CSEP Physical Activity Guidelines Youth (12-17)

AKT - Teen (13-17)

Active Kids in Training - Teen is a 10 week, 3xweek multi-platform program that will improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength/endurance, core strength and stability, agility, balance, coordination, mobility and flexibility.  The strategies used will incorporate a combination of loaded and unloaded "linear" training as well as loaded and unloaded 3D "movement" training, all under the direct supervision of the training coach.  Whether the goal is to find your performance edge, have some fun with friends or help with self confidence, Active Kids in Training - Teen will provide the necessary tools to conquer the demands of life and sport.

AKT - Intermediate (9-12)

Active Kids in Training - Intermediate is a 10 wk, 2xweek program to enhance physical literacy.  Fundamental movement skills and health related fitness will be progressed through games, obstacle course challenges and moving to music.  Plant the seed and help your child to be happy, healthy, active and confident. 

AKT - Primary (5-8)

Active Kids in Training - Primary is an 8 week, 1xweek program to develop physical literacy.  Movement patterns fundamental to life and sport will be utilized through thoughtful games and obstacle course challenges in a safe, fun, motivating and respectful environment.  Inspire their love of movement and help them thrive throughout their lives!